I am part of many types of communities. The commonly known geographic forms such as Canada, Manitoba, Winnipeg, but also my neighborhood where I lay my head and the cultural communities I resonate with; My attributes and interests contribute to my membership in others as well.

This page is a collection of knowledge that has been useful for me and I would like to share it all with you  🙂   Learning is ultimately something we do for ourselves and I believe that we should never stop as we age or graduate from a specific program and we must SHARE what we know so others can pick up on it = RECIPROCITY

Coursera & The Shift Network are great examples of people who feel the same, who feel the urge to share what they know, offering courses and certifications exclusively online.

Lets not allow physical documents disappear though! I know myself and many others would get upset if someone were to say that books are obsolete. There will always be a need for them, even in an apocalypse I would rather freeze than sacrifice some of the books I have collected! Having said that, the standard textbook history books can comfortably warm me any day …

This black hole is just an architectural piece, no worries here!



Environmentalism/Sustainability                                                                    ~ Community (Economic) Development (CD/CED)                                                                     ~ Consciousness Raising/Well-being                                                                                                  ~  Innovations                                                                                                                 ~ Research Tools


Climate Change Connection – Connecting Manitobans

Comedy Wildlife – annual photography contest for wildlife awareness

David Suzuki/ BlueDot Movement:

Save the Planet, Eat and Insect, Winter Weather Does NOT Disprove Climate Change

Just Cool It! – book offers a comprehensive look at the current state of climate science and knowledge and the many ways to resolve the climate crisis, imploring us to do what’s necessary to live in a better, cleaner future.

Reflections on Fair Trade Campus Week ~ September 28, 2015 ~ Written by Sue Hayduk ~~~ Shares some stories, local fair trade businesses, and the MANY benefits of fair trade.

Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER) – “Our mission is to assist First Nations with building the capacity to address the environmental issues they face. We are guided by the values of: respect, integrity, innovation and excellence, balance and teamwork.”

The Keeling Curve is “a daily record of atmospheric carbon dioxide from Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego” There are interactive graphs, videos, and tons of evidence that CO² ppm are something to monitor.

John Perkins is an inspiration to me and many others. He founded Dreamchange and Pachamama Alliance, both powerful educational organizations that are active in the movement towards climate justice and global consciousness.

Speaking of Earth Justice, here is an organization that works towards just that! Read about the last remaining original, authentic Christmas trees in Alaska HERE.

The Sustainable World Coalition is a multimedia masterpiece. I heard of them when I participated in a free summit called Spring of Sustainability put on by Pachamama Alliance. Foundation Earth is another resource for an earth-centered person wanting to get our economy into reality through a major rethinking of society.

STARS Communities – download rating system here

Trees Winnipeg

What Do Recycling Numbers Mean?

Valhalla “is a growing tribe of storytellers out to proliferate freedom culture by igniting a global passion for sustainability, self-reliance, and collaborative action.”

UNESCO Education for Sustainable Development

Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition – Grassroots initiative committed to defending the lands, air, and waters in Manitoba by working to reclaim and protect our environment and promote social justice in the energy sector.

Enviro. Media. Assoc. – Los Angeles –>  EMA Social

The Green Action Centre – part of the Winnipeg Eco-Centre

Prairie Climate Centre – from risk to resilience

The UN Agenda for Sustainable Development 

Navdanya – means nine crops that represent India’s collective source of food security. Founded by Dr. Vandana Shiva, to provide direction and support to environmental activism.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

The Happy Planet Index measures what matters: sustainable well-being for all and serves as an alternative to GDP; it is modelled in Tibet and Bhutan.

The Story of Stuff

RideShark – providing solutions for government, corporate, and campuses to reduce the negative impacts of individual commuting


– aiming for the triple bottom-line – 


Small-businesses (Supporting beliefs/friends/family): Black Hive HoneyBlessings at the CreekColor Flow DesignEdible Alchemy, Hollow Reed HolisticsMicheala RaeMy Farmer’s Market, More Than Pyjamas, Nickeeya GalleryPamela Habing, StayHappyStayWeird

Buy Manitoba

Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNET)

Culture Days – Canada Wide Cultural Events of all kinds!

Food Matters Manitoba – building a Manitoba where good food nourishes strong communities and healthy people by: Partnering with community champions to increase access to good food, Providing food skills education that incorporates culture, tradition, and nutrition, Championing a better food system through food policy work and community engagement.

Fruit Connect

Go Manitoba – plus health benefits of public transport and of course active transport

Next Up – is a leadership program for young people committed to environmental and social justice. They run programs across the country to train and grow emerging progressive leadership.

Peg Tracking System – Winnipeg Stats

The Canadian Fair Trade Network

The Council of Canadians – Acting for Social Justice

The Manitoba Eco-Village Network

The Murals of Winnipeg

The ReLeaf Program (Winnipeg)

Things to do in Winnipeg this weekend


Community Toolbox – seriously the total package for how-to’s, connections, and services!!

Democracy Collaborative – Cities Building Community Wealth free download here

Food for Life Global – CDO providing plant-based nutrition to needy people worldwide

Falling Fruit – shows available resources for finding free food in your area

Jack of all trades universe (JoatU) an up-and-coming platform for community based marketing of local services

Non-profits that you DO NOT want to support

The Leap Manifesto – A new organization dedicated to making system change inevitable, irresistible and common sense; confronting the intersecting crises of our time: climate change, racism and inequality.

The Spirit Level – Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better was published in 2009. Written by Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson, the book highlights the “pernicious effects that inequality has on societies: eroding trust, increasing anxiety and illness, (and) encouraging excessive consumption”.

Soul Pancake – Dwight from the Office has created this AMAZING community of creativity and joy

Transition Streets – is a tried-and-tested, award-winning behaviour-change project to cut energy use and strengthen your neighbourhood.

VegFest – a how-to guide to plan your own in your community

Consciousness Raising ~~ Well-being ~

Aquarius the Water Bearer

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Books: Ishmael, My Ishmael, The Story of B – Daniel Quinn  *These stories are also considered sustainability enforcers too!

Bruce Lipton is the author of Spontaneous Evolution which is also a documentary on an (online service – Food Matters TV – includes recipes, yoga practices, documentaries, motivational talks, and more!) Bruce Lipton also has 2 other books: The Biology of Belief and The Honeymoon Effect.

Food Matters TV Past Favourites: Open Sesame, The Shift, E-MOTION, The Greater Good, Speciesism

Co-Star: Natal Charts

Decalcify Pineal Gland Tips

I am an avid follower of Elephant Journal  which offers many worthwhile tools and tips. You can subscribe for a very reasonable fee or simply get email updates and read up to 3 a day for free! Examples: 10 best podcasts that will change your life, looking for the sacred in all the wrong places, Freeing Ourselves from the Western Culture of Unworthiness,11 Quotes,

Finding Purpose

Flu Shot Science

Free Frequency Guide – Secret Energy

Food First – Exploding myths & Inspiring Change (Green RevolutionGlobal Crises & Global Movements) Example: Ten Myths of Hunger

Hay House – The World’s Largest Health and Wellness Event  –  also a unique publishing company **** Celebrated 30 years in 2017!

Health Care Without Harm – mobilizing ethical, economic and political influences to create an ecologically sustainable, equitable and healthy world.

Healing Cancer Naturally – one strategy* – Dr. Michael Greger is a philanthropist who generously shares his research findings on world nutrition.


Patty Ashdown: The global power shift

Quotes by Alvin Toffler

Refine the Mind

Script to Screen – MEMEs of scripts and acting

The Big Quiet 

The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) seeks to broaden awareness about the toxicity of fluoride compounds among citizens, scientists, and policymakers alike.

The Good Men Project and the Divine Masculine

The Save Movement

The Simile Museum is self explanatory. Lots of content!

A ‘trendy’ word nowadays; Veganism. Gary Yourofsky passionately talks to a group of students about the new evidence that explains the truth about how humans are meant to be eating. See also: The China Study

The Veg Health Institute

Winnipeg Insight Meditation Group – Safe. Supportive. Sangha.


Balloon Art

Collaborative Puzzle Art

Ecovative Design

A fully transparent solar cell: Valhalla: March 14, 2015, Originally Published by  & a solar wind downdraft tower in the desert that could generate power equivalent to the hoover dam: HERE

Hip Hop Architecture – teaching youth about environmental design

Tiny House with elevator bed? Plus other really clever tricks!

Warka Tower

Webster Dictionary: Time Traveller

Research Tools

Gapminder is a great tool for updated statistics with an emphasis on the wealth and health of nations. I heard about it when watching the brilliant TED talks Hans Rosling has done on global health. There is a 4 minute video that completely covers this topic HERE, but there are MANY videos on the Gapminder Youtube channel. HERE is one he did that explains where the Syrian refugees have ended up, posted on June 9th, 2015.

Timeline of Earth

Words We Don’t Have – a really interesting source for finding out some words that express, sometimes complicated moments of life, among other things…



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